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Small appliances

Small designer appliances from the best brands for cooking

In this section you will find small appliances such as blenders, coffee machines, toasters, slicers, kettles, juicer, scales, microwave ovens, induction plates, juice extractors, kneading machines that will help you in preparing your food.


  • Blenders

    Supporters with cone jug

  • Toaster

    Tostapane evolved with captivating design that allow to toast, thaw and heat the bread.

  • Espresso coffee machines

    Coffee machines for all tastes

  • Scales

    Functional and design kitchen scale

  • Juicer

    You want to squeeze? Here you will find what you were looking for!

  • Kettles

    Here you will find design kettles produced by the best brands on the market

  • Cooking systems

Active filters

  • GIULIETTA, Electric Kettle, Casa Bugatti

    Giulietta is the electric kettle of Bugatti with irresistible charm and refined style. An object designed and designed to become an icon in the mind of those who admire it. With an 18/10 stainless steel spherical body with compact dimensions, it starts with only one touch and stops at the boiling point. The spout is equipped with an antiscale filter that can retain impurities. The small portholes along the body of the kettle indicate the water level and light up when it is in operation.

    The ball-shaped body gives the object a compact volume, with a capacity of 1.2 liters, making it an ideal object for the kitchen, also perfect as a decorative element for your living area, on a small table or in a corner of the desk. The base is perfectly integrated in the shape of the kettle, which can be stored and rotated 360°.

    Measures: 23,5X21

  • NOUN, Smart Cooking System, Casa Bugatti

    Noun is the revolutionary cooking tool created by Bugatti, which gives rise to an exciting, unique and healthy way of cooking in the transparency of the glass. The Smart Noun cooking system, thanks to the exclusive GTH Technology (Glass Tech Hot Semiconductor Technology), cooks perfect, healthy and tasteful dishes: cooking is done by direct contact through remote infrared rays. Each food can be cooked by setting the ideal temperature, adjustable from 50°C to 300°C. The heat wraps the dish and penetrates deep in a homogeneous way, enhancing its aromas and flavors, preserving the nutritional properties, for an impeccable, tasty and healthy result.

    Noun is the revolutionary cooking tool (“The Smart Cooking Appliance”) where design and innovative technologies take shape and give life to a new, unique, healthy and exciting way of cooking in the transparency of glass.

    Noun was awarded by the ADI (Association for industrial design) with the Mention d'Onore Compasso d'Oro International Award 2015 and obtained the Innovation SMART Label 2015, the award promoted by Host-Fiera Milano and Poli.design, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano, dedicated to products with particular innovative characteristics and with ability to overcome consolidated trends in their reference sectors.

    Every food, meat, fish, vegetables and bread, can be cooked by setting the ideal temperature adjustable from 50°C to 300°C (from 122°F to 572°F), with an impeccable, tasty and healthy result. The heat wraps the dish, penetrates deep, in a homogeneous way, enhancing aromas and flavors and preserving the nutritional properties.

    Born from an intuition of Clement Bugatti: use two transparent and high-strength glass heating elements and integrate them with a special semiconductor (GTH Technology – Glass Tech Hot Semiconductor Technology).
    The cooking is done by direct contact through far infrared (FIR), present in nature and known for beneficial properties. Direct contact cooking avoids excessive dispersion and heat. Fast and efficient, Noun reaches 300°C in just 80 seconds. Control of cooking times and temperatures can significantly reduce consumption and optimize food preparation.

    The Bugatti B Chef app is a rich recipe book, available for iPhone, iPad and Android, and an assistant who, through the “B Chef function”, can adjust time and temperature depending on the recipe chosen, for perfect dishes realizations

    • Measures: Length 54 cm, depth 23 cm, height 23h cm
    • Material: Stainless steel 18/10 , Aluminium

  • VENTO, Blender for Professional Use, Casa Bugatti

    Wind is the blender smart power ideal to support you in the kitchen with every preparation, even the most complicated. Certified for professional use, it is equipped with an ultra powerful DC Brushless engine, which reaches 4.27 peak HP and 57% more engine torque than traditional power blenders with AC motor. It is silent and maintains perfect control at all speeds, even at the lowest, without performance falls. Wind motor is guaranteed 20 years for domestic use and 3 years for professional use. Equipped with 7 preset functions and 60 extreme precision speeds, the blender wind power allows you to prepare dishes with perfect consistency.

    Wind is unstoppable even with the most difficult compounds, it maintains perfect control at all speeds and allows to prepare dishes and drinks with impeccable consistency.

    Equipped with the innovative Smart DC Brushless engine, ultra powerful with its 4.27 peak HP and 57% more engine torque compared to conventional power blenders with AC motor, it maintains the speed set even under load, without performance falls.

    Wind is the only one of the power mixers to work from 400 rpm and keeps the performance at all speeds. This makes it even more versatile: can knead at low speeds and prepare ice creams, hot soups and smoothies at the highest speeds. It is also ideal for vegan, raw and gluten free recipes.

    Wind offers ease of use and creative freedom to neophytes, kitchen experts and chefs. With 7 preset functions that can be activated by proximity touch display, 60 different speeds of extreme precision for a wide range of recipes and the B Chef function, which automatically adjusts speed and time, revolutionizing work in the kitchen.

    Compared to conventional power mixers with AC motor and equal performance, the DC Brushless Wind engine, with a nominal power of 1000 Watt, has reduced energy consumption by 33%. Thanks to the utmost silence, Vento fits perfectly into restaurants, bars and clubs. Its engine reaches 10 -12 dB less than traditional power mixers.

    The B Blade Blade, patented Bugatti, is designed to give the highest operating performance and maximum durability. The blades, made with a special steel alloy and hardened, have the perfect sharpening for each preparation.

    The engine of Wind it is guaranteed 20 years for domestic use and 3 years for professional use*.

    It is equipped with the safety system B Safety System, unique in the category, which allows automatic shutdown of the blender when the lid is open or lifted by the carafe. (according to the international standard IEC 60335-2-64 for commercial appliances)

    • Measures: Diameter ø25 cm, height 51 cm
    • Material: ABS ABS


  • VERA EASY, Electric Kettle, Casa Bugatti
    The slender and elegant shape makes it a perfect object to insert inside the rooms.
    The volumetria combines cone and ellipse, giving it dynamism and character.
    Simple to use: the lid opens with a slight pressure, the body is rotated 360°, on the handle there is the window for controlling the water level.
    Weight: 1.418 Kg
    Measures: 22x18x32 cm
    Finish: The color has a solid color and is shiny
    Maintenance: Before use consult the instruction manual
    Technical information: volt 220-240 - 50-60 Hz - watt 1830-2180 - stainless steel body 18/10 - capacity 1.7 l
  • JACKIE, Electronic Kettle, Casa Bugatti

    Jackie is the electric kettle for those who love design, style and essentiality of functions. It takes back in the shapes, soft and harmonious, the award-winning Jacqueline smart kettle.
    Elegant and sophisticated, its shape recalls the iconic one of a bag and draws inspiration from the traditional ceramic teapot, reinterpreted in a contemporary way, and with a single touch, tea is prepared.
    The body is made of 18/10 stainless steel, without plastic parts in continuous contact with water. The handle recalls a water hoop and is made of PCT Tritan.

    Measurements: 15X25X28 cm

    Material: Stainless steel 18/10

    Maintenance: Before use consult the instruction manual
    Technical information: 220-240 V - 50-60 Hz - 2000-2400 Watt "On/OFF supply

  • VOLO, Toaster, Casa Bugatti

    Flight is toaster that combines design, technology and versatility to give more taste to your kitchen and your days. With Volo, just one touch toast, thaw and heat your bread.

    The toaster design Volo Dévoré has 4 functions: BROWNING to choose up to 6 layers of bread slice roasting, BAGEL to toast only one side, DEFROST, to thaw, REHEAT, to heat the brioche placed on the top tray.
    In addition, thanks to the Bugatti LIFT motorized system the slices of bread will enter and exit automatically from toaster with an amazing effect.

    Material: stainless steel

    Measures: Length 32 cm, depth 20 cm, height 30 cm

  • Sail evolution, support blender, Casa Bugatti

    Vela Evolution reinvents the traditional blender in a dynamic and modern way, adding a touch of style at every moment of your day. It is equipped with a cone carafe, optimized for the handling of the ingredients and can be placed in its own home, without having to lock it at the base by screwing it. 4 different speeds are available, the ICE function to chop the ice and the Pulse function. The choice of materials with which Vela Evolution is made is taken care of to the smallest details: its stainless steel blades guarantee high performance and the unbreakable body of the carafe is in Tritan PCT BPA Free

    Weight: 3.2 Kg
    Measures: 22x17x42 cm
    Finish: The color has a solid color and is shiny
    Maintenance: Before use consult the instruction manual
    Technical information: volt 230-240 - 50-60 Hz - watt 500

  • VITA, Electric Citrus Juicer, Casa Bugatti

    Life is citrus juicer electric that gives you energy along your days. In addition to the modern and slender design, inspired by the iconic "V" shape, Vita is dynamic: in fact citrus juicer electric can be tilted thanks to the axis on which it is built to accompany the gesture of pouring.

    Just a slight pressure on the cone to start the engine, with a speed of 90-95 rotations per minute. The materials with which it is made, allow the citrus juicer electric Life to have an elegant configuration but with robust technical characteristics.

    Weight: 3,4 Kg
    Measures: 24x22x29 cm
    Finish: The color has a solid color and is shiny
    Maintenance: Before use consult the instruction manual
    Technical information: volt 220-240 - 50-60 Hz - watt 80 - rotation per minute 90-95 RPM - capacity 0,6 l
  • ROMEO, Toaster, Casa Bugatti

    The toaster Romeo with a harmonious and curved profile, is divided between functionality, dictated by a calibrated design, and aesthetic excellence, for all those who are looking for beauty, harmony and efficiency.

    With Romeo, you can prepare toasts, sandwiches, heat and defrost bread, brioches, sandwiches and focacce. There are 7 levels to toast and brown the bread on both sides or on one side, defrosting easily and heat. At the end of the toasting time the slices come out automatically and and completely easy and safe. It is equipped with dI and large compartments for the housing of the bread and a crumb drawer.

    At the end of the toasting time the slices come out from toaster automatically and is completely easy and safe.

    Romeo is made of 18/10 stainless steel (without chromed parts). Bugatti has always been involved with the expressions, needs of today, attention to the environment and sustainability, to create timeless icons.

    7 Layers, 4 Functions, Pinze non Incluse, 870-1035 W

    Size: Length 30 cm, L 21 cm, H 20 cm

  • UMA, Scale with Kitchen Timer, Casa Bugatti

    Uma scales and timer An object, two functions. Uma is the electronic kitchen scale complete with device timer.

    Weight: 1,18 Kg
    Measures: 22x22x24 cm
    Finish: The color has a solid color and is shiny
    Maintenance: Before use consult the instruction manual
    Technical information: g/kg or lb/oz weighing system - maximum capacity 3 kg - tara function - removable weighing cup - display with LED backlight - timer up to 90 minutes and 59 - 2 alkaline batteries, type AAA 1.5 V

    Included in the package:
    Removable Uma scale container (194g)