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  • WM2 ECO, Floor Fan, CasaFan

    Wind Casafan WM2, polished chrome/grey silver paint, Ø 65 cm, 120 W, oscillating, cast iron base, 3 levels, height adjustable up to 1710 mm, stable design, IP20 protection class, 2.5 m rubber tube for high mechanical loads H05RN-F 3 x 1,0 mm2 with ground plug, suitable for commercial use, 5 levels adjustable speeds up to a minimum of 20% using an ETWZ 1.0 transformer (art. No. 891020), engine with quality ball bearings.

  • WM3 STAND ECO, Floor Fan, CasaFan

    Wind CasaFan WM3 STAND ECO, standing fan, housing, protection cage, blades and base with anti-corrosion primer and matt black painted, chrome base, 123 watt motor, 220-240V~50Hz, max speed 1.190 rpm, air volume 11.570 m3/h, 3 levels Through encapsulated switch, inclination of the basket adjustable vertically, 85° adjustable oscillation 3 x 1,00 mm2 with safety plug, IPX4 base resistant, non-tipperable, painted, speed can be reduced with an optional transformer, high quality ball bearing engine.

  • NORDIK MIO, Table Fan, Vortice

    Vortice NORDIK MIO, table fan, white ABS case and grill, grey blades, Ø 241 mm basket, Ø 200 mm blade, 14 W motor, 220-240 V ~ 50-60 Hz, maximum rev. 1.210 RPM, 4 speed via softkey switch with LED display, electronic oscillation at 2 speed (45° and 70°), stable base.

    Voltage (V/Hz): 220-240/~50/60
    Type of fan: table fan
    Max motor power (W): 14
    SV Detail: oscillation, Timer
    Ø blade (mm): 200
    Ø dia grill (mm): 241
    Color: white, grey
    Speed number: 4
    Max. (giri/min): 1210
    Material: ABS-Kunstoff
    Oscillation [°): 45, 70

  • AIROS CIRCUBOX, Table Fan, CasaFan

    CasaFan Airros Circubox SW, table fan, impact resistant plastic, Ø 200 mm impeller, 35 W engine, 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz, Max speed 2.395 rpm, 3 levels for rotary switch, inclination of custody in 5 steps up to 120 ° adjustable vertically, stable base, 1.8 m cable length with European flat thorn, capacity up to 10 m

  • TRADITION TV 30 II, Table Fan, CasaFan

    CasaFan TRADITION TV 30 II, table fan, metal version, aluminum impeller, 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz, 37 watt motor, max 1,321 rpm, height 424 mm, impeller Ø 300 mm, 3 levels for Lever switch , adjustable vertical inclination, 85° oscillation, non-tilting base with rubber feet, removable protection grille, 1.8 m flexible rubber hose H05RN-F G 3 1.0 mm² with safety cap, certified according to the 2006 Machinery Directive /42/EC Part 1 for use in business.

  • WM3 STAND ECO SL, Floor Fan, CasaFan

    Ground Wind Machine CasaFan Safeline for professional use, 123 W, 220 - 240 V ~ 50 Hz, protection cage 700 mm, height adjustable from 1380 - 1700 mm, protection class IP44, 11.568 m3/h according to EN 60879, protection grid, housing , frame and base Painted steel, matte black color, 2 pole mesh switch, 3 levels by encapsulated pressure, horizontal angle of 85° excludibile 10° to +45 °C, 2.5 m rubber cable for high mechanical loads H07RN-F 3 x 1,0 mm2 with safety cap,

  • Airos Big Pin II, ground fan, CasaFan

    CasaFan AIROS BIG PIN II, tower fan, shockproof ABS plastic, remote control, 40 watts, 220-240/~ V/Hz, 3 levels, 65° internal oscillation, max 1,270 rpm, max 1,209 m³/min, display, timer up to 7.5 hours, natural modes for continuously changing airflows, temperature function control levels, range up to 8 m

  • GREYHOUND SV45, Floor Fan, CasaFan

    Casafan Greyhound SV45, pedestal fan with remote control, semi-transparent impeller, 90° oscillation (can be deactivated), 3 speeds adjustable via pressure switch, LED display of functions, housing and impeller in shock-proof plastic, height adjustable from 1,140 to 1,335 mm, 3 blades, optimized impeller, vertically adjustable basket inclination, stable base, 1.5 m cable length with safety plug.

  • GORDON C 40, Table Fan, Vortice

    Vortice GORDON 40 LG, designer table fan, heat-insulating ABS body, light gray colour, height 570 mm, protective grille Ø 458 mm, 3 speeds, stable design

  • GORDON C40, Floor Fan, Vortice

    Vortice Gordon C40 SW, column fan, ABS plastic housing, black color, 40 watts, 3 levels, 220-240/~50 V/Hz, max 1.145 r/min, max 4.000 m3/h, basket Ø 460 mm , height- adjustable 1.480-1.893 mm, IP20 protection type, protective insulation, 90° oscillation, vertically adjustable basket inclination, 1.5 m cable with flat European plug

  • ARIANTE 30, Table Fan, Vortice

    Vortice ARIANTE 30 LG, designer box fan with slowly rotating front grille, shockproof thermocomposite ABS housing, colour: light gray front grille - Ø 30 cm, 230 V, 50 Hz.

  • AIROS PIN II, Floor Fan, CasaFan

    CasaFan AiRos Pin II, Tower fan, shockproof ABS plastic, black painted/anthracite, remote control, 40 watts, 220-240/~ v/Hz, 3 levels, internal oscillation 65 °, max 1,250 rpm, max 1.073 m³/min , timer up to 7.5 hours, natural modes for constantly changing air flow rates, brought up to 6 m

  • GORDON 30, Table Fan, Vortice

    Design table fan, ABS plastic housing, light gray color, 3 -stage stable design

    Dimensions: Diameter 36.4 cm, H 52.3 cm

  • GREYHOUND TV 36, Table Fan, CasaFan

    Greyhound TV 36-SL, table fan CasaFan Safeline for commercial use, 35 W, 220 - 240 V ~ 50 Hz, protective cap 345 mm, 2.916 m3/h according to EN 60879, shockproof plastic housing, matt surface, transparent impeller, 3 levels through newly designed pressure plate, 2-pole shutdown, silver edge, motor for continuous operation, adjustable basket inclination, 85° excludable oscillation, stable base with feet.

  • RETROJET, Table Fan, CasaFan

    CasaFan RETROJET, designer table fan, body in shockproof thermocomposite ABS resin and steel, glossy color finish, protective grille and polished chrome applications, height 32 cm, blade Ø 15 cm, 3-speed selector, black finish blade, vertically adjustable, 90° mechanical oscillation, disengageable, stable, without inclination fan base with rubber feet, handle on the fan head, with 1.8 m power cable with Schuko plug

  • SATIN METAL BREEZE II, Floor Fan, CasaFan

    Column Fan CasaFan SATIN METAL BREEZE II, metal body, brushed chrome, natural aluminium impeller, Ø 400 mm, 50 W, 220-240/~50 V/Hz, 3 levels by rotating switch, speed max 1.150, max 3.168 m3 /h, oscillation 85° excludibile, angle of inclination of the adjustable basket, tube adjustable in height from 970 to 1.300 mm.

  • SPEED 40 G-CH, Table Fan, CasaFan

    Casafan SPEED 40 G-CH, floor fan, chrome, 3 speed levels, Ø 40 cm, base, cord reel, 110 watts, 230V~50 Hz, protection class IP20, 2.5 m cable flexible rubber hose for mechanical loads high H05RN -F 3 x 1.0 mm² with protective plug, high-quality ball bearing motor, certified according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Part 1 for commercial use.

  • SPEED 50 G-CH, Table Fan, CasaFan

    Casafan SPEED 50 G-CH, table fan, chrome, 3 speeds, Ø 50 cm, base, cord reel, 120 W, protection rating IP20, 2.5 m cable rubber hose for high mechanical loads H05RN-F 3 x 1 .0 mm² with safety pin, certified According to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Part 1 for commercial use.

  • SPEED2PROTECT, Floor Fan, CasaFan

    Floor fan CasaFan Safeline, also for wall mounting, for professional use, 123 W, 220 - 240 V ~ 50 Hz, protective cage 495 mm, height adjustable from 1315 - 1500 mm, protection class IP54, 10.700 m3/h acc. EN 60879, protection grid, enclosure, frame and base in steel with double anti-corrosion coating, white color, 2-pole network switch, 3 steps with adjustable motor 10° to +45 °C, 2.5 m rubber hose for high mechanical load H07RN-F 3 x 1,0 mm2 with Schuko plug

  • SPEED2STAND, Floor Fan, CasaFan

    CasaFan Speed2stand, high -performance column fan in design entirely in metal, glossy chromed chromed protection grid, black painted aluminum impeller, support with heavy and stable base, silver gray paint, 3 levels selectable via rotary selector, powerful engine, impeller Ø 400 mm, 110 W, 5,700 m³/ h Air flow, 220-240 V/ ~ 50 Hz, IP20 protection class, 2.5 m cable flexible rubber hose for high mechanical loads H05NN-F 3 x 1.0 mm² with cap safety, engine with high quality spheres bearings

  • ARIANTE TOWER SUPER, Floor Fan, Vortice

    TOWER SUPER, column fan with elegant shock-resistant ABS plastic housing, 3 speed levels, timer up to 8 hours, 2 natural modes for continuously evolving air flow, remote controlled shelf in the fan head, all functions in the device switchable via IR remote control, LEDs show current functions, a 60 ° oscillation distributes the air flow evenly in the room, specially developed for a low noise with the highest air flow - flowing up to 7 m, stable base for the smallest, more practical position, on the back of the integrated carrying handle, exit grid (HxB) 680x90 mm, power motor 40 W, max speed. (Rpm) 1,200, weight 5,2 k