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toaster for toasting, defrosting and reheating bread

Tostapane evolved with captivating design that allow to toast, thaw and heat the bread.

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  • VOLO, Toaster, Casa Bugatti

    Flight is toaster that combines design, technology and versatility to give more taste to your kitchen and your days. With Volo, just one touch toast, thaw and heat your bread.

    The toaster design Volo Dévoré has 4 functions: BROWNING to choose up to 6 layers of bread slice roasting, BAGEL to toast only one side, DEFROST, to thaw, REHEAT, to heat the brioche placed on the top tray.
    In addition, thanks to the Bugatti LIFT motorized system the slices of bread will enter and exit automatically from toaster with an amazing effect.

    Material: stainless steel

    Measures: Length 32 cm, depth 20 cm, height 30 cm